A joint initiative of Osgoode Hall Law School and the departments of philosophy of McMaster and York University
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OLPP Administrators

Osgoode Hall Law School

Prof. Fran├žois Tanguay-Renaud, BCL, LLB (McGill), BCL, MPhil, DPhil (Oxon.)

  • Areas of interest: Philosophy of criminal law, philosophy of constitutional law, general jurisprudence, transnational legal theory, and associated areas in moral and political philosophy. Special topics include: emergencies and legality, justifications and excuses for wrongdoing, collective responsibility, state responsibility.

York Philosophy

Prof. Michael Giudice, BA (New Brunswick), MA, PhD (McMaster)

  • Areas of interest: Philosophy of law and associated areas in political and moral philosophy. Special topics include general jurisprudence, international law, constitutional law, theories of punishment, and multiculturalism.

McMaster Philosophy

Prof. Wil Waluchow, Senator William McMaster Chair in Constitutional Studies, BA, MA (Huron), DPhil (Oxon.)

  • Areas of interest: General jurisprudence and the philosophy of constitutional law.

Other OLPP Faculty Members

Osgoode Hall Law School

Prof. Carys J. Craig, LLB (Edinburgh), LLM (Queens), SJD (Toronto)

  • Areas of interest: Intellectual property theory, feminist legal studies.

Prof. Allan C. Hutchinson, LLB (London), LLM (Manchester), LLD (Manchester)

  • Areas of interest: General legal theory, private and public law theory, legal ethics.

Prof. Dan Priel, LLB (Hebrew), BCL, MPhil, DPhil (Oxon.)

  • Areas of interest: Jurisprudence, private law theory (especially tort and restitution), legal history, and application of the social sciences, in particular psychology, to legal research.

Prof. Craig M. Scott, BA (McGill), BA (Oxford), LLM (LondonSchool of Economics), LLB (Dalhousie)

  • Areas of interest: International law theory, transnational legal theory, public law theory, comparative law.

Prof. Kate Sutherland, BA, LLB (Saskatchewan), SJD (Harvard)

  • Areas of interest: Private and public law theory, feminist legal studies.

Prof. Peer Zumbansen, Canada Research Chair in Transnational Economic Governance and Legal Theory, Licence en droit (Paris), LLB (Frankfurt), LLM (Harvard), PhD (Frankfurt), Habilitation (Frankfurt)

  • Areas of interest: Transnational legal theory, corporate governance, global governance, legal pluralism.

McMaster Philosophy

Prof. Nancy Doubleday, Hope Chair in Peace and Health, LLB (Osgoode), PhD (Queen’s)

  • Areas of interest: Peace and health in complex ecological-social-cultural systems, international law and policy, the Arctic Region and globalization, adaptive co-management.

Prof. Elizabeth Gedge, PhD (Calgary)

  • Areas of interest: Feminist bioethics, philosophy of law, philosophy of religion, environmental philosophy.

Prof. Violetta Igneski, PhD (Toronto)

  • Areas of interest: Moral philosophy, political philosophy, philosophy of law, applied ethics, humanitarian aid and international criminal law.

Prof. Stefan Sciaraffa, JD (Texas), PhD (Arizona)

  • Areas of interest: Philosophy of law, social and political philosophy, ethics.

York Philosophy

Prof. Idil Boran, BSc (Middle East Technical University, Turkey), MA (Carleton), PhD (Queen’s)

  • Areas of interest: ethics, political philosophy, philosophy and public policy, applied ethics, including economic ethics and business ethics.

Prof. Susan Dimock, BA (New Brunswick), MA (York), PhD (Dalhousie)

  • Areas of interest: Ethics: Meta-ethics: theoretical and practical, political philosophy, philosophy of Law, punishment theory, criminal responsibility, early modern history of philosophy.

Prof. Louis-Philippe Hodgson, BA (Laval), MA (Toronto), PhD (Harvard)

  • Areas of interest: Moral, political, legal philosophy.

Prof. Alice MacLachlan, BA, MA (Cambridge), MA (Queen’s), PhD (Boston U)

  • Areas of interest: Moral philosophy, political philosophy. Special topics include apologies, forgiveness, the philosophy of Hannah Arendt.

Prof. Robert Myers, BA (Queen’s), PhD (UC Berkeley)

  • Areas of interest: Theoretical ethics, related issues in epistemology and philosophy of action, political philosophy.

Prof. Duff Waring, BA, MA, LLB, PhD

  • Areas of interest: ethics , mental health, bioethics, philosophy of psychiatry.

OLPP-Affiliated Graduate Students

  • Coming soon…